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Greetings, and welcome to the Uni-Fam Publishers Web Page.  


I am Melba B. Clark-Payne, founder and owner of Uni-Fam Publishers, a desk  

top publishing company. I am a retired English teacher with thirty years of  

classroom experience in the Meridian Public Schools District. For the past thir 

ty four years I have published a monthly newspaper which I circulate among  

many of the African American churches in Meridian and Lauderdale County.

have also published The Meridian Area Black Pages.


Now, we are adding another feature to our publishing company: a Web Page. 

With the new addition, we will expand our coverage of events beyond Meridi 

an and Lauderdale County to include not only the events in our churches, but  

politics, business, sports, and more. We want to pique your interest in so many  

ways that you will want to log on to our Web Page continuously. 

Again, thank you for logging on to the Uni-Fam Publishers Web Page.

We promise to make every posting exciting, informative, educational, and just plain “good to know.”

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